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July 26, 2006 Drone 1.1 for Winamp 5

  • Alternate main window mode

  • Slim main windowshade mode

  • Skin configuration window

  • 7 custom beat visualizers

  • 'Notifier' with CD cover feature

  • More than 300 color themes

Version 1.1 fixes graphical issues that appear in Winamp 5.2x.

Graphics & Design: 883
Programming: R. Peter Clark

July 20, 2006 Multipass 1.4


Compact, usable and stylish.

  • New CARBON style

  • Hover or Focus Mode drawers

  • Collapsable shade mode

  • Playlist shade mode

  • Advanced notification window

  • Multiple custom visualizations

  • Multi-state repeat buttons

  • "Docked Toolbar" mode

  • All components skinned

  • Color themes for every desktop

  • Requires Winamp 5.04.

Version 1.4 fixes graphical issues that appear in Winamp 5.2x.

December 9, 2005 In Progress: Enkera 2

883 and I have teamed up again to work on Enkera 2. You can check out a teaser, but keep in mind it's showing only at 65% original size so that you have to wait to appreciate all the yummy details.

December 8, 2005 Simple for Winamp 5

This skin does not use any graphics (other than a single required file) and only uses Winamp's XML/MAKI elements for the interface. It does have a couple small issues/limitations as a result but overall it works well. The most noticeable limitation is that it cannot support color themes. Turned out well enough for an experiment though, enjoy the skin!

  • 4 player modes: Normal, Integrated Playlist, Compact and Shade

  • Normal player mode includes auto-switching album art / AVS area

  • All components skinned

  • Notifier with album art feature

December 6, 2005 Updated Website!

I finally got around to fixing the site so that it doesn't completely suck in Firefox. The site is still not working exactly how I would like, but it's a whole lot better than the mess that was here before. I had been postponing making any changes to the site for a while because I've been working on an entirely new version. The new site is taking longer than I had planned and so I broke down and tidied this one up a bit. I'll be adding several more updates shortly...

August 20, 2004 Multipass review at Winamp.com

Multipass is featured in an article over at Winamp.com.

August 19, 2004 Obsidian for DFX 7

View Preview

Winner of th DFX 7 Skin Contest, Obsidian and it's matching mini-mode are now included in the default DFX 7 installation. There's a free version of DFX 7 available at www.fxsound.com, but it's great software and I recommend purchasing the full version.

May 30, 2004 Invicta 1.3 for Winamp 5

View Preview

New version includes several bug fixes and notifier functionality. Run the built-in updater to get the latest version.

Invicta is a collaboration between razmansix and myself. The end result is an innovative Winamp skin with many features, color themes and animations. Graphics and design by razmansix, scripts and coding by me. We had a great time putting it together, hope you all enjoy it!

Graphics & Design: razmansix
Programming: R. Peter Clark

May 16, 2004 iPlay for Winamp 5

View Preview

A Mac inspired interface designed by playboy and coded by me. Smooth simple and stylish. Features configuration options, a cool animated "Apple Beat" visualization and the slickest notifier to date. :-)

Graphics & Design: playboy
Programming: R. Peter Clark

May 16, 2004 Impulse for Winamp 5

View Preview

This super smooth interface was designed by a-t-o-m-i-c and coded by me as an entry into the 2004 GUI Olympics for the deviantART team. Features 3 sleek player modes, 82 color themes, notifications and plenty of configuration options.

Graphics & Design: a-t-o-m-i-c
Programming: R. Peter Clark

March 17, 2004 Apple Wallpapers

Some shiny Apple wallpapers! I had received many requests for an Apple version of the XP Gloss wallpaper I had made a while ago and finally found the time to put one together. The chrome version was an experiment I liked while putting together the gloss version. Head over to the wallpapers page to select which version and size you would like to download.

February 20, 2004 MyWakeUpTunes

View Preview

This interface was made in association with The Skins Factory for Gx5. The goal was to create an intuitive interface that would blend well with the default Windows XP color schemes. MyWakeUpTunes is an alarm clock software and much more. A trial version is available at the MyWakeUpTunes website.

January 2, 2004 Venus for WA3/5

View Preview

Features 4 unique modes, dozens of color themes, beat visualizer lights and an integrated mini-site for updates, extras and feedback. I'll be updating the skin soon through it's built-in mini-site to a version with some optimizations and more WA5 features.

December 17, 2003 T3-Amp for Winamp 3/5

View Preview

It was a long time in the making, but T3-Amp is finally available. This project was a collaboration between artist sowmiles and myself. The main window is customizable, it has 89 color themes and a never-before-seen component window shadows.

Graphics & Design: sowmiles
Programming: R. Peter Clark

November 10, 2003 Official Oakley for Winamp 3 Download

View Preview

I received permission to make the Oakley skin available for download directly from my site.

Graphics & Design: Oakley
Programming: R. Peter Clark

November 7, 2003 New Website Launched!

It took me a while, but I finally got a new site up. I opted to go for a lightweight design this time. There are some interesting projects that will make an appearance here soon, including a collaborative project with artist sowmiles, existing skin updates, more wallpapers and new designs. Stay tuned!

November 6, 2003 Amped 2 for WMP

View Preview

This Windows Media Player skin was made in association with The Skins Factory for Microsoft's new Xbox game, Amped 2. I developed the base design from which this skin was made. It features 5 vibrant color themes.

October 9, 2003 Halloween2003 for Winamp 3 Released

View Preview

I decided to make something for the holiday season and managed to draw and code this skin in less than a week. At some point I may revisit it and add more features. Currently it glows to the beat and has a number of creepy color themes. Enjoy!

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